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PhD Students

Research focus: Intelligent Technologies

Research focus: Informal Education

Research focus: Inclusive and Accessible Computing

Research focus: Human-Centered Machine Learning

Research focus: Learning Science

Yaxin Cui

Research focus: Consumer Preference, Network Modeling

Research focus: Network and Data Science

Research focus: Collaborative and Accessible Computing

Research focus: Scaling Learning Communities

Research focus: Future of Work

Research focus: Integrated Systems

Research focus: Organizations and Networks

Research focus: Designing and building technology that increases student engagement and motivation

Research focus: Playful Learning Environment Designs, Technology and Resource Access

Research focus: Collective Innovation

Research focus: Crowdsourcing

Research focus: Design of playful learning environments for targeted outcomes

Research focus: Social Computing

Research focus: Intelligent Audio Interfaces

Research focus: Social Computing

Kristine Lu

Research focus: Information design, text and visual processing, and learning in digital news, media, and information environments; information and learning behaviors; cognition in data interactives; design thinking in digital and computational journalism

Research focus: Peer-production Systems

Research focus: Scalable Learning

Research focus: Intelligent Audio Interfaces

Research focus: Medical Informatics

Research focus: Equitable Design

Research focus: Inclusive Technology

Research focus: Collective Innovation, Design Education

Research focus: Human-Centered Machine Learning and Data Labor

Research focus: Inclusive Computing

Research focus: Social Networks

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