Northwestern University

Human-Computer Interaction Group

Upcoming Event

Professors Elizabeth Gerber, Jessica Hullman, Anne Marie Piper and Brent Hecht will present the Lawrence B. Dumas Domain Dinner on "The Human-Computer Frontier: Consequences for Society and Implications for Action" on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. This iteration of the Lawrence B. Dumas Domain Dinner series will explore today’s issues at the human-computer frontier to imagine research, education, policy, and practice in society tomorrow.

Get Involved

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is a popular area of research at Northwestern University. The HCI group meets on a regular basis and consists of a number of faculty and students involved in a wide range of projects. Are you interested in getting involved? If so, you can join the Northwestern HCI mailing list by sending a subscription request to: HCI@LISTSERV.IT.NORTHWESTERN.EDU (here's a guide for emailing a request). Our group meetings are open or you can join one of the many laboratories on campus involved in HCI research. You can also follow our activities on Twitter

Faculty and Post-Doctoral Researchers

Larry Birnbaum, Jeremy Birnholtz, Noshir Contractor, Nick Diakopoulos, Doug Downey, Matthew Easterday, Steve Franconeri, Elizabeth Gerber, Darren Gergle, Brent Hecht, Michael Horn, Agnes Horvat, Jessica Hullman, Eleanor O'Rourke, Bryan Pardo, Anne Marie Piper, Madhu Reddy, Aaron Shaw, Uri Wilensky, Marcelo Worsley, Haoqi Zhang

Doctoral Students

Jack Bandy (TSB), Miriam Boon (TSB), Katya Borgos-Rodriguez (TSB), Ellie Burgess (MTS), Scott Cambo (TSB), Maitraye Das (TSB), Mike Devito (MTS), Mark Díaz (TSB), Jes Feuston (TSB), Eureka Foong (TSB), Kapil Garg (TSB), Jamie Gorson (LS+CS), Yongung Kim (TSB), Hanlin Li (TSB), Noah Liebman (TSB), Allen Lin (EECS), Ryan Louie (TSB), Jim Maddock (TSB), Leesha Maliakal (TSB), Ethan Manilow (TSB), Ada Ng (TSB), Prem Seetharaman (EECS), Angela Smith (TSB), Abir Saha (TSB), Madeline Smith (TSB), Nicole Tilly (TSB), Marlon Twyman (TSB), Nick Vincent (TSB), Ashley Walker (MTS), Emily Wang (TSB), Alice Zhang (MTS), Diego Gomez Zara (TSB), Elham Zavareh (EECS)

HCI Programs and Admissions

There are a number of undergraduate and graduate programs at Northwestern University that offer training in human-computer interaction. Students performing HCI research are enrolled in the Technology and Social Behavior (TSB) joint PhD program in Computer Science and Communication Studies, the joint program in Computer Science + Learning Science (CS+LS), and Computer Science, and they take courses through the Segal Design Institute.