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Platforms and Curricula

Here are some example products created by NU HCI+D faculty and students:

Design Cards

Design Cards is a fast paced game for people who build to think! Pick 3 cards, one of each color. Arrange cards in order to establish the challenge. For example "Construction workers need a way to save water that works on the moon." Come up with a new product or service that fulfills the need.



Pair Research

Pair Research is a collaborative method from Delta Lab, designed to help group members overcome blockers and build teams.

Learn more about Pair Research



Loft is an online platform for growing networked improvement communities. Teams can use Loft to improve their design process. Teachers and coaches can use Loft to teach a design process and monitor how their teams are doing. Network leads can use Loft to monitor how their network is improving.



My Dream Team

My Dream Team is a social networking platform to facilitate the assembly of project teams.

Learn more about my dream team

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